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Having a good time is what you're all about. You're satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to other's manipulative behavior. You don't expect much, and that can be a good thing. You're perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who might take advantage of you, but you probably won't even notice, or really care, as long as you're enjoying yourself.
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Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme

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Mein results.

You've managed, against all odds, to befriend nearly every country. Your kind, perky nature and great attitude earn the friendship of your allies, and your tendency to promote peace keep those who would harm you at bay. Your army, however, is extremely weak, given that your country is more focused on keeping peace than warfare. You are kind, gentle, and quiet most of the time, but know how to keep from being ignored when it counts. But you have to be careful to not be taken advantage of. You trust too easily, and therefore you are sometimes seen as too weak to stand alone.

Best Friend: Russia (WTF that would never happen Russia scares me LOL)
Possible Boyfriends: Italy, England, Canada (Cool :3)

~Axis Powers~

Italy: Brook -chan is so nice to me! She always makes sure I'm ok when she comes over to visit us! She's really cute and smart, too! And she can cook as well as I can, maybe even better! Germany says that it's a miracle that I haven't scared her off, but he's just jealous because Brook -chan always hugs me first! Then again, I do jump in front of him when she visits, but still! She's just wonderful! -starts rambling about you endlessly-

Germany: I have to admit, though she doesn't make enough time for training whatsoever or follow the rules closely enough, Brook is quite pleasant to have around. She distracts Italy whenever she drops by, and even cooks dinner for us. Thank goodness it's almost never pasta! She's also quiet, a good listener, and for some reason is kind to anyone she meets. It's almost...unnatural, but still, a good friend to have.

Japan: Brook -san is a very kind person. She enjoys learning about my culture, and she helps me to adapt to strange Western ways. Spending time with Brook is always a treat.

~Allied Forces~

America: Dude! Brook is too cute, but she's just so quiet! She needs to live a little and party more! She is nice though, I'll give her points for that. Plus she isn't a total weirdo like some people I know *cough* England *cough*, so she's cool.

England: I heard that, you twit!! ...Oh, right, Brook .She's a breath of fresh air, really. Such a kind-hearted girl, but knows enough not to be manipulated. Smart, loving, not to mention rather cute... *blushes* Brook is a joy to have around, a true lady amidst these fools I'm constantly surrounded by. There is no way in hell, though, that I will stand by and let Italy or any other fool have her!

France: Ah, Brook ,l'ange belle! (the lovely angel) She is the sweetest girl I have ever met! And her kindness has earned her the friendship of almost everyone! Such a delicate flower, I could never bring myself to defile her! Not to mention I would prefer not to have my ass beaten by England, but so it goes.

Russia: Ah, little Brook? She is so friendly towards everyone, including me. When I first asked her to become one with Russia, she politely declined. This did make me angry. So I tried to destroy her. That didn't go over so well. She called my little sister, *shivers* so we no longer have any troubles, because she is not afraid of me. We get along well. She is perhaps the only country that I consider a friend, so you could say that she is my best friend.

China: Brook! She is so cute, like a panda aru~! I enjoy her visits, and we recently went to buy her a Hello Kitty like mine! Of course, we don't always spend much time together, but hopefully that will change, aru!

Canada: Brook? Oh, she's so kind to me, she can actually see me all the time! She often helps me whenever I want to say something in a meeting, she tells America to let me talk. She's all around just so nice and... she's very pretty, but I heard that both Italy and England are after her, so there's no chance she'd choose me... (Kumajiro: Who are you?) I'm Canada, your owner, remember? (;^; Ooooooh I feel like an ass...)

Austria: Ah, Brook. She's quiet and kind, and that's really all I know about her. Well, besides Italy's infatuation with her.
Hungary thinks she's just the sweetest girl.

Spain: Sweet Brook? She's the kindest country I think in history, but that makes Romano think all the less of her, especially since Veneziano is after her.

Romano: Ugh, she is too damned nice and quiet! No doubt someone is planning to attack her at this moment, and she's too weak to defend herself! And it's no help that my idiot brother couldn't defend her if his life depended on it! (In other words, he's worried about you, but he's acting like too much of a hard-ass to admit it.)

Hungary: Brook is such a great person! I've never met anyone sweeter! She's caught the eye of a few countries as well, so she shouldn't have to worry about her small army, she has more than enough allies. Not to mention Italy. *smiles happily*

Lithuania:  Brook is a great country. She's kind to everyone, but still brave enough to stand up to Russia!

Estonia: I think  Brook is one of the few countries Russia won't try to take over. They seem to have mutual respect for each other. It surprises me that Russia is friends with a weak and gentle country, though.

Latvia: Oh, Brook? Heh, she's great! She was nice enough to convince Russia to stop bullying me! ...Well, in front of her, at least. But still, she's great.

Prussia: Who? Oh yeah, that country Hungary smacked me with a frying pan for trying to pick a fight with. I didn't mean any harm! I'm too awesome to really fight such a weak country! Brook is too quiet, I just wanted to see her get a little angry for once!

***In case you're wondering why your best friend is Russia, who would usually end up being the one who would sooner take over your country: he's tired of being feared by everyone, and finds it strange and admirable that you, a weak and rather pathetic country (in his eyes), would try to befriend a ruthless country like him. In return, he tries his best to be a good friend to you and defend you. That's why you're best friends.

P.S. Just so you know, Belarus is out to destroy you for being close to Russia. Just sayin'. So you might wanna start beefing up that army of yours.

(Well I'm royally fucked!)
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